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1 novembre 2017

Performance Management – A Learning Journey

LJ 1Linda Jaquillard Director of Finders

The success of any company is largely due to the skills, expertise and motivation of its employees. So how best to keep all three areas exceeding expectations? From early childhood we are all motivated by praise, goal-setting, and “learning to do things better”…. So why should this stop when we become adult and enter professional life?

Many companies do set goals. Some have sophisticated performance appraisal systems ….but many don’t and the end of year review is often considered a tedious, sometimes daunting, and usually “timeconsuming affair”. Worst still, the results very often are not really actioned, no improvement plans are developed. Best case the assessor and the employee walk away with a feeling that the assessment went OK, worst case they could walk away demotivated, and more importantly continue to perform at a less than optimal level.

At Finders, we believe that continuous improvement should be at the heart of Human Resources, and knowing that an internal HR function is often under huge pressure to deliver on all fronts, we have developed
a simple, easy to apply tool which addresses performance management at any level of the organisation, and at any time of the year - as a result of a formal performance appraisal process or to resolve an issue or
indeed to enhance the performance of your top talent. Out of the variety of assessment methods, the 360° feedback survey is recognised as one of the most reliable tools to help leaders identify strengths and
weaknesses and determine areas of focus to develop their effectiveness. Our 360° programs are rolled out in a consistent approach, aligned with each organisation’s culture and supporting their organisational
performance. Our programs help to:

  • Build leadership and managerial capabilities
  • Promote behaviours and values consistently across the organization
  • Raise leaders and managers’ awareness of their visibility and modelling role hence their need to demonstrate adequate behaviours
  • Enlarge leaders and managers’ perspective and increase their accountability for their career development.

Basically, our approach has a developmental focus for both the individual and your organisation.

The process is run by one of our experienced consultants in all areas of performance/talent management and designed specifically to your needs. In order to live up to its name “A learning Journey”, we strive to provide a qualitative delivery of the 360° feedback process and above all to provide an actionable Individual Development Plan that can either be delivered with your in-house resources, or through coaching with our accredited consultants.

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